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For Developers

Use Linkpad.Xml and Linkpad.API to download Linkpad search data. These services allow you to upload summary data (for example, the number of referring sites) and full reports.


Linkpad.Xml provides up-to-date data on the number of referring sites, links, anchors and other domain indicators. Linkpad.Xml service is provided in "as is" condition.

GET-Request example


Server XML-response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pages-indexed last-update="01.09.2020">1</pages-indexed>

Description of elements

host The name of the host for which the data is presented
rankLinkpad Rank домена (от 1 до 1,000,000 или -1, если Rank > 1,000,000)
backlinksnumber of backlinks
referring-sitesnumber of referring sites
referring-ipsnumber of referring IPs
referring_subnetsnumber of referring subnets
backlinks-nofollownumber of backlinks with attribute rel="nofollow"
backlinks-imagesnumber of image links
anchorsnumber of links anchors
outbound-linksnumber of outbound links
recipientsnumber of recipients
outbound-anchorsnumber of outbound links anchors
pages-indexednumber of indexed pages (last-update is date of the last indexation)
sites-on-same-ipnumber of sites on the same IP
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