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API Documentation

Data is loading in CSV format using GET-requests to export.linkpad.org.

URL for requests


Request format

? [key=<API key>]
& [host=<hostname>]
& [report_type=<report type>]
& [groupby=<grouping parameter>]
& [top=<number of rows>]
& [page=<page number>]
& [results_per_page=<number of rows per page>]
keyYour API key issued when the subscription is activated.
hostThe domain the data is displayed for (e.g. example.com).
report_typeReport type. Possible values:
  • "backlinks" - incoming links data
  • "outboundlinks" - outbound links data
  • "indexed_pages" - indexed site pages
  • "ip" - sites on domain IP
If the parameter is not specified, data for incoming links is displayed.
groupbyA parameter that defines the rule to group links data. Possible values:
  • "anchors" - group by anchor
  • "domains" - group by domain
If the parameter is not specified, the data is output without grouping.
topMaximum number of rows to load (for example, top=1000 - load the first 1000 rows)
page The page number that can be used, for example, for paging large amounts of data.

The [page] parameter does not reduce the number of rows that are written off from the balance for the report. The first time the request is called with the parameter [page] = 1, the total number of rows in the report is written off. On subsequent calls of the same report, but with the parameter [page] equal to 2,3,4, etc. the balance is not written off.

Total number of rows in the report can be found in the Linkpad.Xml.

results_per_pageThe number of lines per page from 1000 to 10000, 5000 by default.

Request examples

Load external links of example.com


Load external links anchors of example.com


Load the first 1000 referring sites to example.com


Load outbound links of example.com


Load the first page of sites linked by example.com


Response format

The server returns a file in CSV format that fully corresponds to the report loading by clicking the "Export" button in the Linkpad Link Explorer.

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